Glucosamine For Dogs

Glucosamine For Dogs

It was the summer of 2011 when Pepe, The Hubby & I moved for an extended stay into the heart of the countryside of Lancashire in England.  We had been living in Europe on and off for some time, spending as much time as possible in warmer climes.  Now, the British weather is famous for being, how shall we say this, less than wonderful!

Within quite a short time of living in a cooler much more damp climate we noticed a change in Pepe. At the time he was only 6 years old.  We noticed he seemed to be walking more slowly and with difficulty.  In the morning he could hardly get himself off the bed.  Pepe usually got down easily off our very low bed now struggled and appeared very stiff.  We organised a trip to see a vet.  A new vet for us as we were living in a new location.  He became a little star at the vets practise.  As a country practice, not many Maltese snow balls crossed their path!

The diagnosis, painful inflammation in his rear hip joints that were becoming worn.  The vet suggested we put him on Glucosamine.  She told us that the results of research into the benefits of it when used in animals were much more successful than use in humans.    The glucosamine would not repair any current damage or deterioration. However, the vet did suggest that he would need to take glucosamine for the rest of his life to maintain and protect his joint function going forward.   The vet prescribed Pepe a months supply and after the month what a difference.  No more stiffness in the mornings, also no more limping and a return to the bouncy playful little man we loved. We continue with the Glucosamine for dogs to this day and have had no recurrence of the previous symptoms.

Glucosamine For Dogs
Pepe Is Fit & Ready To Play!

Is Your Dog Suffering Joint Pain?

Instinctively the ancestors of modern day dogs would hide pain to protect their place within a pack.  Any sign of weakness seen by other pack members might mean getting left behind.  This instinct remains today and dogs are adept at keeping their pain a secret. However, numerous signs indicating your dog may suffer from joint pain include –

  • Lack of energy shown by not wanting to play or a reluctance to walk
  • Weight gain is an indirect result of a reluctance to be active
  • Excessive licking or chewing in one particular area
  • Reduced mobility
  • General irritability
  • Limping for short periods after getting up to move or walk
Some of the symptoms of joint pain in dogs are, lack of energy, weight gain & irritability! Glucosamine… Click To Tweet Glucosamine For Dogs

Glucosamine – The Science Bit!

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino derivative of glucose.  It occurs naturally in the body and cartilage has the highest concentration.  Other areas of the body such as tendons, ligaments, bones, eyes, heart valves and also skin involve Glucosamine. It occurs naturally within a substance called Chitin (a derivative of glucose) found in the shell of crustaceans and shellfish. Commercially sourced glucosamine is produced from shells, a reliable and also cost effective source.

An Extra Tasty Daily Dose

If you would like an extra tasty way to provide a daily supplement why not try joint care treats. These are the ones Pepe loves. Billy & Margot Venison Treats with Glucosamine.  Made in England from the finest ingredients.  No additives (apart from the Glucosamine), just wild British venison.

Glucosamine For Dogs
Open The Treats Please!!


As you can see from the list on the back of the packet, the ingredients are simple and healthy. Helpfully Billy & Margot also list the recommended quantity to feed all sizes of dog. The treats come in a resealable packet too.

Helpfully Billy & Margot also list the recommended quantity to feed all sizes of dog. Click To Tweet


Glucosamine For Dogs
The Packet Includes Useful Information


If you are interested in a study that has been done on the effectiveness of Glucosamine for dogs you can read more Here.

A range of Billy & Margot treats including the Glucosamine for dogs variety are available in the Time To Eat department on Pepeloves Pet Shop.

Ciao for now! We’ll be back soon!

Julie & Pepe x